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Conscience and the Constitution

Mits Koshiyama recalls his trial. (transcript)

"The federal prosecutor was rocking back and forth on his chair, and all of a sudden he just flipped over backwards, bang, he just fall out on the floor. Well naturally most of us young guys were in the front so, whoa, we just laughed, y'know it was so funny. And the other federal prosecutor got up red-faced and says 'You won't be laughing when you hear the verdict.' So I assumed that he already knew what the verdict was. He just gave himself away, and he got embarrassed, so he just sat down quietly. And another one was when our lawyer, Mr. Menin, objected to what the federal prosecutor was saying, the federal prosecutor says, 'Your honor, if that lawyer doesn't sit down I'll go over there and make him sit down.' And y'know Menin, he's pretty tough too, so he took off his coat and he says, 'Your honor, let him try.'"


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