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Firefighter's Diary
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Frank Tijiboy

RESPONSE [time] 1355 Was in spare chief's car while call came. Followed engine, with sirens and lights on, to incident at 38th Ave. for unconscious person. Found male, age 50. Heroin overdose. Assisted AMR on scene. I went to Highland General Hospital [HGH] with AMR. Patient had track marks all over arms and legs. Needles all over floor.

RESPONSE: [time] 0416 To 39th Ave. for unconscious person. Found 5-year-old child breathless/without a pulse. Last seen at approximately midnight. CPR started. I assisted AMR #505 on scene and on route to Highland. Released prior to midnight by Children's Hospital for dehydration and possible viral infection. OPD was on scene. I went to HGH. I was bagging [applying air]. Little boy looked lifeless. Became cold during CPR. While I was bagging, blood started coming out of nose and mouth. Most likely passed away. Paramedic said 99.9% of time can't bring back a child. One of my toughest calls.

March 25, 1999 - STATION 12 [time] 0800 Roll Call

RESPONSE: [time] 0930 Engine to 16th Ave. for EMS. GOA [gone on arrival].

RESPONSE: [time] 1936 Engine to Broadway for fall. Patient refused aid. He was left in care of AMR.

RESPONSE: [time] 2138 Engine to Lester St. for fire in dryer. Out on arrival. Isolated, PG&E notified. Need to blue tag property.

RESPONSE: [time] 2354 Engine to 7th and Harrison for auto vs. auto. Female, age 56 with pain. Assisted AMR.

8TH FIRE RESPONSE: [time] 0118 Engine to 9th St. for structure fire. First story, fully involved, prefab with exposure "B" threatened. Assisted w/extinguishing. Used 300' 5", 250' 1/2", misc. 2541 cut chain-link fence. I dragged hose through long field, went over wooden fence. Flames were above me almost going over to next building - made a curtain with water so that it wouldn't pass to next building. A crew tried to go in through back but couldn't because the floor had collapsed. Wet down exposure building. [Radiant heat, not flames, that transfers to the building causes fire.]

December 22, 1998

[Frank heads up the Christmas Basket Program for the Department. The project gives baskets of food and other donations to needy families in the community. While Frank was preparing a basket he got a call.]

"We were returning back from a call, around dinner time. We were hungry, but we got another call. The call came in as a car accident. We showed up and found a car with the back smashed in. The mother was hysterical. She was speaking in Spanish. I spoke with her. The husband was in front seat, a child in the back seat. I noticed that my partner was on the other side, trying to free something up. I gave the child to a paramedic and then realized that there was another little girl wedged inside the fold of the backseat. I took a deep breath. My partner said he had a pulse. The Jaws of Life were needed to pry the seat back. I did CPR and took her to the back of the ambulance.

"We later found out that she passed away. I called her school and spoke to one of her teachers and told her that I wanted to give the family a holiday basket. I wanted to deliver it myself. I drove up to the house while off-duty. The family was thankful. I told the mother that I tried the best I could. I saw the sister and gave her a hug."

July 17, 2000
Little child stuck in bathroom. Mom was hysterical. Captain took the mom aside away while we went to work. Took out window. Climbed in and opened door to give happy boy to his mom. Mom was grateful.

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