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PBS Online connects you directly to your local public broadcasting member station through the Station Finder. In this area you will have the opportunity to enrich your PBS Online experience with local content provided directly by your station.

How do I find my member station?
To find your PBS station, enter your zip code in the zip code box (on the homepage or within Station Finder) or choose a state from the PBS Member Station Directory. When you arrive at your station information page, we encourage you to click on the “remember my station” button. This button allows you to create your own customized, local-national site — giving you quick access to local content every time you visit

How can I change my selected member station?
Choose “Station Finder” from the navigation bar at the top of any PBS Online page. Scroll to the bottom of your station information page and either select a new station from the station directory, or click on the “uncustomize” button to regenerate the national-only site.

What kind of local information is available?
In addition to the content you already enjoy, your locally enriched site will provide direct links to local resources, including:

  • your local television schedule — click on "TV Schedules" to access
  • station address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address — click on "Station Finder" to access
  • one-click access to your station's own Web site — click on your station logo, now at the top of every page

    Depending on your station's level of participation in this service, you might also receive:

  • local community events and happenings — click on "Station Finder" to access
  • local educational resources — click on "TeacherSource" to access
  • local membership information — click on "Become a Member" to access

In the coming months, PBS will be launching feature sites with integrated local Web links and your experience can be enhanced with this locally-produced content.

When I enter my zip code, why don’t I see the station I usually watch?
The system we've established is based on data from Nielsen Media Research, the company that provides program ratings information. When you enter your zip code, our database tracks which station transmitters are closest to your home. Our data is based on which channels you should be receiving based on your location. If you are using a satellite service and are receiving the PBS national feed, you should return to the PBS Online homepage and use the "TV Schedules" area to review the national schedule. If you are a cable user and your channels are different from your local station's broadcast transmission, we recommend using the by-state listing since our data does not accommodate cable channels at this time.

What if I usually watch more than one channel?
If you are in an area where you receive more than one PBS channel we invite you to customize your experience with a different channel each time you visit PBS Online so you are able to see the original content from each station and view their individual television program schedules. PBS and its member stations are working together to explore future models that support multiple PBS television schedules.

Will PBS Online remember my local station every time I visit?
Using standard Web technology, PBS Online will plant a "cookie" in your Web browser, so that your local, customized version of the PBS Online homepage will appear each time you visit. A cookie is a small piece of information that our Web server sends and stores on your hard drive. When you return to the PBS Web site, our server reads the cookie and remembers your station of choice. This way, you need to customize only once to get the local/national version of the PBS Online site.