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We asked three award-winning documentary photographers to capture the contemporary meanings of Thomas Jefferson’s mysterious phrase “the pursuit of happiness.”
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How would you capture the meaning of "the pursuit of happiness" in pictures? See how participants in our photography contest defined it in our gallery for the winners of the contest.
April Saul Bill Luster Bill Luster thinks that Kentucky basketball holds his state together. He looked at University of Kentucky basketball fans and how their devotion illustrates the pursuit of happiness.
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April Saul  worked in the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, focusing on one of the most elemental meanings of the pursuit of happiness: the everyday life of a family. Miguel Gandert   Editors’ Gallery at
In Bellevue, Washington, a team of photography editors from Corbis were asked to interpret "the pursuit of happiness" using images from the archive they are helping to build. Visit this gallery to discover the many facets of the Corbis archive and the people who shape it.
Miguel Gandert explored the communities beginning to form around new Native American casinos in northern New Mexico. The ironies and the social benefits Gandert discovered may surprise you.


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