Brother, Can You Spare A Billion? The Story of Jesse Jones  

Jesse Jones and FDRERIC STANGE
Producer, Director And Co-Writer

When noted filmmaker Eric Stange was first contacted about producing and directing a film on Jesse H. Jones, he was surprised - and a little worried - that he had never heard of the Houstonian who had been Franklin D. Roosevelt's right hand man in shepherding America through the Great Depression. So he quickly began to look Jones's name up in all the histories he could find and soon discovered he was not alone. "I was amazed to learn how little information there was on someone who was so obviously crucial to the New Deal," says Stange. He hopes that Brother, Can You Spare A Billion? The Story of Jesse H. Jones will do for TV audiences what it did for him: introduce them to a crucial figure in the history of 20th century America.

Stange, executive producer of the Boston-based Spy Pond Productions, has done much to acquaint Americans with unknown parts of their past. He is an award-winning independent documentary film producer, director and writer who specializes in history and science. His works include Love in the Cold War, a film for The American Experience about an American family torn apart by their commitment to the American Communist Party, Engineering From the Inside Out, for a PBS series about minorities in American science and engineering, and Picking Up The Pieces, a film for the PBS series Making Sense Of The 60's. His documentaries have been broadcast on PBS, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Television and the BBC.