The Latest Episode in the Journey to Planet Earth Series:

Dispatches from the Gulf 2:  Research * Innovation * Discovery


Experience remarkable stories from the unprecedented scientific mission to comprehensively study the impact of Deepwater Horizon and find new ways to ease the devastation. Includes the never-before-documented drama of bottlenose dolphins struggling to survive, and the capture of one of the world’s largest predatory sharks.

  • Some of the questions answered in the documentary include:
  • Why are so many pregnant dolphins losing their young?
  • Why did much of the oyster population in Louisiana disappear?
  • Did Deepwater Horizon oil affect the health of sharks?
  • Did the use of dispersants help mitigate the impact of the oil spill?
  • Will we now be able to predict where ocean currents will carry the oil that results from future spills?

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Through an interdisciplinary approach, these programs reach beyond the physical sciences and draw connections to politics, economics, anthropology, sociology, and history.

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