Episode 13: Extreme Realities

Episode 13: Extreme Realities

Notice Something Strange? — What's Happening to Our Weather? —Welcome to the New Normal

Just pick up any newspaper or watch any television news report and it becomes evident that unprecedented extreme weather events such as severe drought and heat waves, more intense hurricanes, increased tornado and wildfire activity, and crippling blizzards are leaving a trail of death and destruction throughout the world.

In the wake of these disasters, we ask three fundamental questions: (1) are we merely experiencing once in a hundred year weather events or are they early warning signals of an altered reality – a new normal; (2) have we already reached a tipping point pushing our planet towards an environmental cliff; and (3) are there ways to mitigate or adapt to these newly emerging threats?

This episode investigates the link between extreme weather, climate change, and threats to our national security. Featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tom Friedman, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, former CIA Director James Woolsey, and environmental visionary Lester Brown.

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