Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening Additional Resources

Online and print materials relating to Kate Chopin, as well as a list of primary sources used in the production of Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening.

Web Sites:

An Overview of the Life and Works of Kate Chopin
An article in Empire:Zine, a monthly Internet magazine on writing.

The Fifth Kate Chopin Conference
Information on the Fifth Kate Chopin Conference, held earlier this year at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

A Guide to Internet Resources for Kate Chopin's The Awakening
A collection of extratextual resources available on the internet that might enrich the understanding and enjoyment of The Awakening. Compiled by Sharon Masturzo, School of Library Information and Science, University of South Florida.

Domestic Goddesses: AKA Scribbling Women
A moderated E-journal devoted to women writers, beginning in the 19th century, who wrote "domestic fiction."

Kate Chopin Web Page
A web site created by students at Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Recent Publications of Chopin's Works:
  • The Awakening, New York: Avon Books, 1972.
  • The Awakening and Selected Stories, edited with an introduction by Nina Baym, New York: The Modern Library, 1993.
  • A Matter of Prejudice and Other Stories, New York: Bantam Books, 1992.
  • A Vocation and A Voice, Penguin Books, 1991.
  • Complete Works of Kate Chopin, edited and with an introduction by Per Seyersted; Foreword by Edmund Wilson, Volumes I and II, Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1969.
  • Per Seyersted and Emily Toth, eds., A Kate Chopin Miscellany, Oslo: Universitetsforlaget and Natchitoches: Northwestern State University Press, 1979.
  • Forkner, Ben, ed., Louisiana Stories, Gretna, La: Pelican Publishing Co, 1990.

Selected Bibliographies:

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  • "Kate Chopin, A Woman of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," A project of the Watson Library, Northwestern State University, Rapides Parish Library and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Selected Criticism:

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  • Kate Chopin Newsletters
  • Vol. 1, No. 12, Spring, 1875.
  • Vol. I, No. 3, Winter, 1975-1976.
  • Vol. II, No. 2, Fall, 1976.
  • Vol. II, No. 3, Winter 1976-1977.
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Primary Sources:

From the Missouri Historical Society:

  • Kate Chopin Papers
  • Kate Chopin Account Ledger with Houghton Mifflin and Co, February 28, 1902
  • "Katie O'Flaherty, St. Louis. 1867" ( Commonplace Book,1867-1870)
  • "Impressions 1894" (May 4,1894-October 26, 1896)
  • "Leaves of Affection."
  • "Leilia. Polka for Piano." Undated. Published for the author by H. Rollman and Sons, St. Louis, 1888.
  • Correspondence:
    R.E. Lee Gibson to Mrs. Chopin, April 28, 1899.
    ALS. Lewis B. Ely to Mrs. Chopin, April 28, 1899.
    Lewis B. Ely to Ms. Chopin, May 13, 1899.
    L. to "My Dear Little Katie", May 16, 1899.
    Sue V. Moore (Publisher of St. Louis Life from 1890-1896) to K.Chopin, (on response to The Awakening).
    Letter fragment regarding The Awakening.
  • Essays:
    "Crumbling Idols by Hamlin Garland" in Life, October 6, 1894.
    "The Real Edwin Booth." Undated. in St. Louis Life, October 13, 1894.
    "Emile Zola's Lourdes" in St. Louis Life, November 17, 1894.
    "The Western Association of Writers" in Critic, July 7, 1894.
  • Logbooks
  • Wednesday Club of St. Louis Reciprocity Day, "An Afternoon with St.Louis Authors," Wednesday, November 29, 1899.
  • St. Louis Society Scrapbook, 1889-1906, p. 100.

From the Cammie Henry Research Center, Watson Library, Northwestern State University of Louisiana:

  • Benoist, Clemence, " My Native Town," a handwritten essay about Cloutierville when she was a student at Grand Coteau (Sacred Heart Academy in Louisiana).
  • Melrose Collection
  • Arthur Babb Sketchbook (material on Brazeales)
  • Death notices of Mrs. Marie Chopin Breazeale
  • Mildred McCoy Collection
  • Various materials on Kate Chopin, Oscar Chopin, Bayou Folk Museum, letters and some photographs
  • Box 5 holds Oscar Chopin papers:
    • (Leases, Sales, Tax papers, Mortgage Papers from Citizens' Bank of Louisiana)
    • Court Case involving Oscar Chopin, Executor, Vs the U.S., No 592, French and American Claims Commission.
    • "Sucession Oscar Chopin, Dec'd"
  • Review of At Fault in The Enterprise in Natchitoches, December, 1890.
  • Correspondence:
    Kate Chopin to the Editor of The Enterprise, in response to the review of At Fault, December 9, 1890.
    Fragment of a handwritten letter describing racial violence in Natchitoches Parish in 1876, author unknown.

From the Library of Congress:

  • 19th century Guides to St. Louis:
  • The St. Louis Guide, St. Louis: F.W. Benton and Company, 1888.
  • Strangers' Guide to the City of St. Louis, St. Louis: T.K.Sage and Co.

From Oakland, Afton Historical Society:

  • Correspondence, James Murrin to J.H. Tighe Jan 7, 1868. (Alludes to Mrs. Thomas O'Flaherty, Jennie and Katie O'Flaherty)

Stories and Poems (Handwritten or Original Publication):

  • "A Little Free Mulatto"
  • "Alone"
  • "An Embarrassing Position" One act Comedy by Kate Chopin. Printed
  • "A Scrap and A Sketch", Retitled by hand as "The Night Came Slowly"
  • "The Christ Light" Original issue of Syndicated American Press Association story retitled "The Going a...of Liza..."
  • "The Dream of an Hour" (Vogue, December 6, 1894)
  • "Reve D'une Heure" (Translation of "The Dream of an Hour")
  • "Emancipation. A Life Fable." Undated; late 1869 or early 1870.
  • "The Maid of Saint Phillippe"
  • "The Storm: A Sequel to the 'Cadian Ball." July 19, 1898.
  • "Two Portraits"
  • At Fault (Novel) July 5, 1889-April 20, 1890. Published for the author by Nixon Jones Printing Co., St. Louis, Sept., 1890.
  • A Night in Acadie (Collected short stories) Chicago: Way and Williams, 1897.
  • Bayou Folk (Collected short stories). Boston: Hougton Mifflin and Co, 1894.
  • The Awakening, (June (?)1897-Jan 21, 1898. Chicago and New York: Herbert S. Stone and Co, 1899.

Newspaper Articles:

  • "A St. Louis Woman Who Has Won Fame In Literature," in St. Louis Post Dispatch, Magazine Section, Sunday, November 26, 1899.
  • Bassford, Homer, "Louis A. Benoist Quieted Bank Run Here Century Ago by Paying in Full All Who Asked Cash," in St. Louis Star and Times, May 30, 1933. (From Oakland Papers, Afton Historical Society.)
  • "Dr. William Taussig tells of the Gasconade Disaster," St. Louis Republic, November 1, 1905.
  • "The Gasconade," A poem in The Leader, Literary Department, November 17, 1855
  • "O'Flaherty's Fatal Ride" The St. Louis Daily Times, Monday December 29, 1873 (contemporary account of the death of Kate Chopin's brother, Thomas O'Flaherty).
  • Newsclippings re Death of Thomas O'Flaherty. November 10, 1855, with Ms fragment and photograph of Kitty Garesche (1870) on verso.
  • "Open to Hermann," in The Leader, Saturday, December 22, 1855. p. 7 (small article on the aftermath of the wreck of the Gasconade bridge).
  • "Recalls the Noted Gasconade Horror," Globe Democrat, November 2, 1913 (Missouri Historical Society Vertical File).
  • "Seventeen Persons Killed!!! Great Numbers Wounded" The Leader, Saturday, November 3, 1855.
  • Weil, Tom, "Historic Central Louisiana Haunted by Romantic Past," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Februrary 26, 1989, 3T.
  • Wilensky, Harry, "Her Masterwork was Taboo," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Wednesday, April 24, 1974, p. 3F.
  • "Wreck Survivor Writes about Gasconade Crash" (Joseph T. Keyte); appeared in the Republican (?), Nov 10-13m 1913 (Missouri Historical Society Vertical File).
  • Viets, Elaine, "Author's House Still Has Spirit," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 7, 1985, F1.
  • Wolfe, Linda, "There's Someone You Should Know: Kate Chopin," The New York Times, September 22, 1972.

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