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The Rockies are the spine of North America – a beautiful wilderness of snow-capped peaks and hidden valleys. Cougars hunt in abandoned ranches, wolverines search the deep snow for food and Grizzly bears hunt in the high mountain meadows.  Daredevil wingsuit flyers leap from mile high cliffs and Native American tribes compete in breakneck horse races. It is also the range of surprises – with tiny cannibal salamanders hunting in mountain ponds and hummingbirds making enormous migrations. Read more below

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Explore the wildlife and people of the Rockies, from wolverines to wingsuit flyers.

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The Rockies are the great temperate mountain range of the world and the weather here can change on a dime. Timing is everything, and to thrive here both animals and people must understand these wild mountains and pick their moment.

MNTS_0104_20160903_ExtremeSkiingNikon_BS-8524-(1).jpgExtreme mountaineer Hilaree O'Neil climbing in the San Juan Mountains.Brett Schreckengost/BBC This episode takes us on a journey from the depths of winter to the heat of summer, showing how both animals and people have adapted to these ever changing mountains.

In early December, male Bighorn sheep in Wyoming clash horns in a vicious fight. The winners gain access to the females but the losers must wait another year for a chance to mate. In mid-winter, in the frozen north of Canada, a lone wolverine searches for food in the deep snow. It must keep one step ahead of the hungry wolves.

In late winter Hilaree O’ Neil, a mountaineer and extreme skier, climbs Mount Sneffels in the San Juan Range of the Rockies  - a huge mountain near her home in southern Colorado -  and then skis down a giant couloir on the far side. Hilaree has led expeditions to mountains around the world - but the Rockies always draw her back.

pbs-ep1-facts-16x9-notextkots_fact_bighornsheep-copy.pngRockies Facts Poster In early march a cougar stalks mule deer at an abandoned ranch in Montana, dragging her prey into disused barns to feed undisturbed. Early summer brings us to a mountain meadow in Wyoming. An elk calf has just been born. To protect her newborn, her mother leaves her in the sagebrush, hiding against predators. A hungry female grizzly bear is searching for food after her long hibernation.

In the mountains of Montana, Jeff Shapiro jumps from half mile high cliffs wearing a wingsuit. Ever since he was young, he dreamt of flying, wondering what it was like to be a bird.

A Rufous hummingbird rears her young in the far north of the Rockies, and then they fly down the length of the Rockies in a three thousand mile migration, continually searching for flowers rich in nectar.

As summer draws to a close the climax of the film is a breakneck horse race called the Indian Relay. Native American tribes compete for the honors and the cameras follow the Grizzly Mountain relay team as they prepare their horses for this extreme race.

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