These are six stories of the U.S.-Mexico border, a diverse and unique region at the crossroads of change. "The Border," a two-hour documentary, features compelling story-driven vignettes narrated by journalist John Quiñones from ABC’s "20/20." This magazine-style program gives viewers the freedom to draw their own conclusions on these complex, multi-layered issues.

This is the first time public television producers from different stations and different parts of the country have joined forces to produce a single program. While the border is a region all its own, the stories of border life in San Diego and Tijuana differ from the stories of border towns in California, Texas, New Mexico Arizona, Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. Any of the five production entities could have produced "The Border" alone, but the region is so diverse, sending producers and crew into communities where they have no ties would have been a daunting task. Launching a collaborative effort between KPBS, Espinosa Productions, KUAT, KNME and Galan Productions allowed the filmmakers to explore familiar territory and unearth stories that have special significance to their part of the region and capture nuances that only locals would know.

Together the producers present slices of border life not found on the evening news. Rather than exploit the aura of danger and menace cultivated by other media, the show focuses on the stories of every day life, faith, tradition, opportunity and art that are flourishing in the many border towns of the United States and Mexico.

In this section, you can find out when "The Border" is airing in your area, read the complete script, learn more about the producers and check out other reviews and news about the program. Check back soon to watch clips of the program.