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On-line Articles on Globalization

Globalization - Global Policy Forum
Provides definitions of globalization in various forms, gives articles on cases of globalization organized by year, tables and charts, web resources, and bibliography. (on

Wal-Mart in China
Article related to globalization of Wal-Mart in China, The Nation, 12/8/2003. (on

Is Wal-Mart good for America?
PBS FRONTLINE documentary on Wal-Mart about globalization, including the case of China. Watch the film online and Discussion. Related articles available on site. (on

China Is Big Trouble for the U.S. Balance of Trade, Right? Well, Not So Fast
New York Times article on how China has contributed to reducing U.S trade deficit to Asia by more than 10 percent. This dispels yet another myth about the U.S. -- China trade balance. (on

China Sanctions Won't Save Jobs, U.S. Negotiator says
Article from via China Digital Times on proposed U.S. trade sanction on China. Related articles on U.S. - China trade are linked. (on

Becoming a Consumer Society: A Longitudinal and Cross-Cultural Content Analysis of Print Ads from Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China, and Taiwan
One-page abstract of a longitudinal study of consumer ads in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to study what they emphasize in promoting consumerism, Journal of Consumer Research. (on

Succeeding in China - the hard way
BBC World Service reports on lessons western companies have to learn while doing business in China. (on

Modernization and Tradition in an Age of Globalization: Cultural Values in Chinese Television Commercials
Article in Journal of Communication on how TV ads reflect the changing traditional Chinese values about consumerism in connection to globalization, March 2004. (on

The Psychology of Globalization (PDF)
Article on the psychology of globalization in connection to adolescents' formation of identity, American Psychologist, October 2002. (on

A Mickey Mouse Approach to Globalization
Article from Yale Global Online about how consumer products take on different meanings based on local social and historical context, published 6/16/2003. (on

Toward sustainable urbanisation in China
Article from China Digital Times on the urbanization of Beijing and its tendency for "foreign style" development, based on a new essay from a Chinese Academy of Sciences professor. (on

Millions of workers in China aren't getting paid
Very short article from Knight-Ridder, via Miami Herald on the statistics of workers in China who are owed back pay of 3 months or longer. Source of statistics: a recent survey ordered by the National People's Congress, China's legislative body. (on

Interview Anita Chan
PBS FRONTLINE Interview of Dr. Anita Chan who researched working conditions in China for 25 years. (on

Buicks, Starbucks and Fried Chicken. Still China?
New York Times article about globalization of culture and diet in China, 2/25/2002. (on

Making Trinkets in China, and a Deadly Dust
Article from New York Times about globalization and its effects on trinket workers' health and labor issues in China, 6/15/2003. (on

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