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On-line Articles on Environment & Development

Three Gorges Dam Websites

China Three Gorges Project
The official website for the project which includes detailed information on the technology and history as well as a photo gallery. (on

PBS NewsHour: Three Gorges Dam
A photographer and an author from National Geographic are interviewed about the project. October 8, 1997. (on

Three Gorges Dam - The Great Wall Across the Yangtze
Campaign summary on the environmental impacts of the Three Gorges from the International Rivers Network, an advocacy group opposed to dams they consider "destructive." (on

The Yangtze Dam: Feat or Folly?
1997 Washington Post article on the dam controversies. (on

Contrasting stories

Hoover Dam
An overview of the Hoover Dam Project including the planning, construction and controversies. (on

The Dammed
An in-depth review of controversial dam projects in Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Laos and China's Three Gorges Dam by PBS Wide Angle. (on

Classroom Extention Article

China's Three Gorges Dam
CNN special report on the Three Gorges including streaming video, quick facts and a poll. (on

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