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Re-Inventing Inventing
People have been inventing things for thousands of years – but at the dawn of the twenty-first century, high tech tools and scientific breakthroughs are stretching the boundaries of what’s possible. Take an eye-opening look at how today’s innovators are re-inventing inventing.

Interview: Rebecca Roberts talks with Nobel Prize winner Charles Townes about his invention of the Laser, and its many applications. Join in.

Watch: Find out why the next computer that saves your life may be as close as the shirt on your back, from reporter Elizabeth Wynne Johnson. Real 56k, or Quicktime.  get the player

Vote: Does necessity, not inspiration, lead to invention?   YES or NO?

Research: Are you an inventor waiting to be discovered? Want to see other exciting inventions? Here are some places to start.

Discuss: What invention does the world need most? What's your opinion?

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