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Genetics at the Crossroads
It’s been more than a year since the human genome was mapped… So now, what does that mean for people with diseases like Alzheimer’s – and for others who are genetically programmed to contract them? And why are genetic researchers now focusing on non-human species like the sea squirt?

Interview: Springboard talks with Dr. Richard Gibbs of the Baylor College of Medicine which is responsible for sequencing 10 percent of the human genome. Join in.

Watch: Reporter Angela Morgenstern discovers that the sea squirt can aid our understanding of human genetics. Real 56k, or Quicktime.  get the player

Vote: Should the government regulate genetic testing?   Yes  No 

Research: Want to know more about the ethical issues posed by human genome research? Here are some places to start.

Discuss: How much would you like to know about your own genetic makeup? What's your opinion?

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