Celia can be sharp-tongued and anxious, but she’s also clever, loyal, and has a fabulous sense of humor.

Celia also has a tendency to lash out when feeling defensive, which often makes her seem tougher than she really is.

She can be a terrible snob, but meeting Alan has opened up whole new worlds for her and brought her out of her insular shell. He also brings out her cheeky sense of adventure and enables her to start living in the moment for the first time in decades.

Anne Reid, who plays Celia, says about her character: "Celia is a woman who is unfulfilled. She’s a sparky person who has been held back by being married to a man she didn’t love. When she meets Alan, she is reborn. She blossoms because she knows Alan loves her as much as she loves him".


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Did You Know?

Image - FunFact_2.jpgAlan and Celia’s story is inspired by Sally Wainwright’s mother, who married her childhood sweetheart after he contacted her through Friends Reunited.

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