Gillian’s life is a chaotic mess, and she gets through each day more by luck than good judgement.

Her abusive husband Eddie died in a farming incident several years ago, and Gillian has struggled to keep the farm going ever since. Gillian’s always been a worry to her father Alan, and she’s still got a wild side – drinks too much, fraternises with the wrong people. She’s recently been getting off with much younger Paul Jatri, a relationship which will come back to haunt her. Gillian’s delighted that her dad is in love, but tries not to think about what she and son Raff will do if Alan decides to move out – he’s been such a support in her life.

Nicola Walker who plays Gillian says about her character: “Gillian has always behaved with a fabulous lack of forethought or caution. She does what she wants to do and doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks. I love Gillian’s bravery and her honesty and her ability to put her hands up when she’s made a mistake, and she takes the consequences without an ounce of self pity. But she can open her mouth before she’s put her brain into gear.”


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