Lawrence of Arabia
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Emerging Middle East
  Europe on the Eve of WWI   Europe on the Eve of WWI
In the summer of 1914 the Great European powers found themselves inexorably sliding to war... more
  Ottoman empire 1914   Ottoman Empire 1914
The Ottoman Empire in 1914 was commonly known as 'the sick man of Europe'...more
  Egypt and the Suez Canal   Egypt and the Suez Canal
Under limited Ottoman control from 1805, Egypt came increasingly under British influence...more
  Mecca   Mecca Over-extended on a number of fronts the British were keen to recruit new allies...more  
  Arab Revolt   Arab Revolt
The Grand Sharif appealed to the British for the support he had been promised...more
  Palestine & Jerusalem   Palestine & Jerusalem
The Arabs focused their attacks on the Hejaz railway...more
  Syria & Damascus   Syria & Damascus
The capture of Jerusalem lifted Lawrence's spirits, until he learned of Britain and France's secret treaties...more
  Modern Middle East   Modern Middle East
The Paris Peace Conference - creation of countries, the Modern Middle East....more

Eve of WWI Ottoman Empire 1914 Egypt and the Suez Canal Mecca Arab Revolt Palestine & Jerusalem Syria & Damascus Modern Middle East Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of Arabia