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Alaissa, Dorothy, and Wanda Nickcole, Terrell, and Jack

Legacy is defined as a gift of property; or anything handed down from the past from an ancestor or predecessor. It implies something positive and uplifting, something that provides direction and continuity from past to future. One's legacy is one's truths about life and strategies for managing life, which is passed on to one's offspring to help ease their struggles.

Developed by members of the Association of Black Psychologists, the Viewer's Guide identifies sociocultural issues that are embedded in the family's struggle to maintain a sense of purpose, integrity and authenticity as they are plagued by a variety of obstacles. The Guide also provides discussion questions and resources as well as an opportunity for audiences to discuss strategies to ultimately eradicate the social barriers faced by the Collins family.

This Viewer's Guide provides a culturally-based approach to viewing and discussing the LEGACY documentary. It is comprehensive in discussing all of the key issues that impact the lives of the Collins family. Areas covered include: Cultural Retentions, Social Challenges & Obstacles, Community & Neighborhood Issues, Impact of Trauma & Grief, Family-Centeredness, Addiction & Recovery, Race and Racism: Impacts on African American Families, Character Development and Life Skills & Career Development. Each area includes an Introduction, Discussion Questions and Resources.

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