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Are We Alone?
The Earth In the beginning, when all was fire, there were no stars or planets, no atoms or molecules... and no life. Eons passed, and life appeared on at least one small planet orbiting an average star in a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way. On that planet, one species, endowed with the capacity to think and speak, began to wonder: Did it happen only here? Perhaps not. Terrestrial life is embedded in a cosmic web, and it seems reasonable to speculate that life is cosmically commonplace. The challenge facing science is to move from speculation to fact... by learning how life and intelligence originated on Earth, and by searching the universe for signs of life elsewhere.

Join in the search for life beyond Earth:

Take a drive on the Highway Through Time to learn how life began here on Earth.

Explore what scientists call The Habitable Zone as you search for life within the solar system.

And look into the future to see what a Terraforming project might involve.
Timothy FerrisAre we alone? Our search for the answer is daunting. The universe is a pretty big place. Find out just how big in this video demonstration.
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