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Nature: Bower Bird Blues
Creep with us into the world of the Australian rainforest, where the bower bird's attempt to attract a mate can have him singing the BOWER BIRD BLUES. Learn about these curious birds, who build elaborate mating structures. Find out about the different methods the various birds use to entice females, and get the scoop on the new and exciting ways researchers are trying to figure out the science behind these birds' behavior. Lastly, don't miss the Resources section, featuring both related Web sites and books.

Nature: Firebird
Visit the Great Rift Valley in East Africa and meet the flamingoes that live on its caustic soda lakes. Learn about the bizarre environment in which these birds make their homes, find out how they survive in such a hostile habitat, and take a look at one of Africa's natural wonders, the Great Rift Valley. And don't miss our Resources section, with further information about flamingoes in print and on the Web.

Nature: Parrots -- Look Who's Talking
In Parrots: Look Who's Talking, we feature various birds seen on the companion program, explore how the illegal bird trade is threatening wild populations, take a fresh look at parrot conservation, and present a useful guide to notable parrot resources in print and on the Web.

Nature: Eagles
Enter the world of keen-sighted, high-flying, beautiful -- and deadly -- birds of prey in Eagles. Meet the various members of the eagle family, and find out why it's a compliment to be called "eagle-eyed." Read the story of an eagle species that was long thought vanished from this planet, only to surprise scientists with its reappearance. Get the story on the near death and dramatic comeback of the Bald Eagle, that American symbol that came perilously close to extinction. And don't miss our Resources section, featuring both related Web sites and books.

Nature: The World of Penguins
In this Nature piece, meet those well-loved, well-dressed flightless aquatic birds as you enter The World of Penguins. Learn how penguins evolved and how, although we associate them strongly with the Antarctic, penguins can actually be found all over the globe. Find out more about the extraordinary abilities of these birds, so clumsy on land and so graceful underwater, and read why they may be in danger of losing their homes. And don't miss our Resources section, featuring more information about penguins both in print and on the Web.

BirdWatch is the only public television series dedicated to all aspects of birds and bird-watching. Hosted by noted ornithologist Dick Hutto with backyard naturalist Craig Tufts, the 10-part series, showcasing birds and bird-watching in the wilderness and the backyard, travels throughout the United States to observe common and uncommon varieties.

Other Online Resources

Birding on the Web
Birders of all skill levels and areas of interest will find something of value at Birding on the Web. Checklists for all the states and provinces are here for free. Find out about rare birds in your area. Download lists of the top birding spots in North American and around the world. Newer birders can find dozens of helpful hits and tips for getting started. Backyard birders can find answers to their questions about injured birds, attracting birds and dealing with pesky squirrels. You will also want to read about all the organizations that you can join to learn more about birds and conservation of birding habitat.

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages: Birding
Features at GORP's birding page include "Loon Laughter: Tuning Into the Call of the Wilderness"; "Stalking Birds Effectively: How Do You Get a Hawk to Hold That Pose?"; "Birds in the Mirror: GORP Reviews Skills-Building Birding Software"; "Into the Wide Open: Spotting Birds in Magical, Solitary National Grasslands"; and "Jumping Drylands: The Desert's Alive With Critters."

Birdwatch Online
Not to be confused with the PBS program Birdwatch, Birdwatch Online is Britain's magazine dedicated to birdwatching. Highlights of the companion Web site include articles from the latest issue of the magazine, back issues, a buyers' guide to birding equipment, and news reports of "rarity sightings" -- spottings of unusual British birds.

The Virtual Birder
This self-described Internet magazine for birders lives up to its name. In each issue you'll find a host of topical articles ranging from tips on birding to photo collections of birdwatchers from around the world. One of the cooler offerings on the site: Mount Auburn Cemetery (The Virtual Tour), which simulates birding at this well-known migrant trap near Boston, Massachusetts. It features 66 bird sightings, 40 with accompanying songs and/or calls for you to practice your identification skills on.

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