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Ageism in hiring

I am an unemployed staffing and HR professional. The laws need to cover on-line applications that force "applicants" ( you are simply trying to submit your resume however) to tell how old they are. For instance, when filling out these applications to submit your resume, they will not ask how old you are, but will ask what year you graduated from College. You cannot click the submit button and have it complete the transaction if you leave this blank. You cannot lie about the year either because you are also forced to sign an " I agree" or "disagree" clause that states any mis-representation is cause for immediate cancellation of "application" or dismissal from position hired for.
Also, where age is concerned, asking for GPA is discriminatory as well. I'm a smart individual but was a terrible student way back when. For older applicants it is essentially meaningless. This needs to be corrected as well.

Any thoughts?


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