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Women at work/and now SENIOR CITIZEN

The older worker in many cases "DO NOT" make more money.....younger people are being hired making more money, because they demand more money now days, that previous workers...also
when your an older worker and a woman, they use the excuse you are making your time I did not get a raise in 3 yrs, but my supervisor, not only got large raises, and $50,000. bonus during this same period. I know because I transfrerred to another department "ACCTG" and I had to pack up the controlers desk when she left...and I saw the paper work. So it DOES go on...its not fare. While I was working hard, the supv. would go out for lunchs, come in late, go golfing, and get tuns of perks...
This goes on rampid in the Insurance industry...and my guess is in all industries. My husband was disabled, I had to retire early to care for him. We now only have our Soc Sec to fall back on. We have no savings, no 401K, no pensions, nothing. I worked my hole life, got my producers license, which i was held back from using in 2 companies I worked for, and they only used my talents for back up, assistant work. Because I was good at getting the job done. Maybe that was my fault...but I was raised to get the job done and work hard... Which is excactly what I always did.
For what....I have nothing now.
Ms. Stanton
Oak Lawn IL


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