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Larry Gelbart: Aging, or Life (Part 2) for the euphemistically inclined, does carry with it a number of mixed blessings. First of all aging is as natural as regretting it. If there's an upside to being invisible - I'm not entirely sure of what that is. By invisible I mean looking at a very attractive young woman and finding out that she's looking not at you, not near you, but right through you and the reason for that is quite obvious. She's probably still an active member of the mating game and she knows she's looking at a player whose number has been retired.

There was a time in my life when I thought of a few months or a few weeks as just so much petty cash, now as I find myself looking through what I recognize as a long end of the telescope I become a miser of minutes, I hoard them, I guard them as though each were going to pay me some kind of interest and in fact that's what they sometimes do.

While time takes away your peers it does give you some playmates. Grandchildren like most of the good things in life are saved for the end. When you look at the world through their fresh unclouded eyes it's as though you're seeing it for the first time. Their relentless sometimes maddening curiosity does a whole lot to jumpstart your own - probably worn out one.

Aging can be a whole lot more than just tiptoeing through the minefield, I apologize for ending on such a morbid note, I'm not really here to rain on your parade, although with incontinence who knows - thank you.