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Jane Juska, author of A Round-Heeled Woman and Unaccompanied Women
Jesse Kornbluth,
Abigail Trafford, Washington Post columnist and author of My Time

Abigail Trafford: This is why I'm optimistic now, because I do think we're having the baby boom way we've heard so much about, and what I like about the baby boomers, I want the baby boomers to be really obnoxious, just the way they've always been obnoxious. Loud, pushy, wanting to tear down the establishment.

Alan Rosenberg: Absolutely.

Abigail Trafford: Do it differently. I say go for it. You know, we're the leaders.

Jesse Kornbluth
: I think the best part of my generation is its sense of the immortality of the spirit and the sense that you can do better if you focus on this moment, on really being alive. Ours was a generation that made a promise that we would improve the world, and to a large extent, we have defaulted on it, and I think in the sort of Springsteen terms, we have one last chance to make it real. And so for I think a lot of people in my generation, it's like the environmental movement. It's like one last attempt to get a decent politics in this country.

Jane Juska
: Yes, but then you're gonna have to get people to come to terms with death and dying. All this stuff about ageism, all this stuff, the jokes about old age have to do with the keeping away, the forestalling of the inevitable, and until people can talk easily and rationally and compassionately about dying, I think we're stuck where we've been forever.

Abigail Trafford
: This is denial. We are in total denial, and I think one of the reasons you have denying of aging is code for, well, we just don't wanna go there. We don't wanna die. We want to just put this off. We don't want to talk about it. We don't want to look at people we think are close to death. Well, we gotta get over that. That's like every other prejudice, and it does speak to a fear. So let's talk about this fear.