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Will Durst begins his building trade adventures in Nashville with Dawn White, a third year apprentice who used a local union training program to turn her life around. Dawn thought she'd hit rock bottom when her son's father died in a car accident eight years ago. With her job experience mostly based in minimum wage office work, she had to find a better way to pay the bills. This year she will earn journey-level wages of $20 an hour and the union has awarded her an academic scholarship fulfilling a life-long dream to become an engineer. Moving on to the Big Apple, Will takes a ride up one of Manhattan’s most legendary office towers. With a crew of apprentice stone masons and second generation bricklayer Dennis Holloway, Will helps lay the final restored cornerstone on the outside of the 72nd floor of the Empire State Building. Bringing historic buildings into the twenty-first century, we follow Dennis on a trek across the Manhattan skyline where he, his father and many cousins have built new ones and restored the old. Now Dennis teaches building restoration to young men and women, revitalizing what used to be a father and son trade.

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