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VITABIZ (Philadelphia, PA)

Brad Oberwager was raised with the ingredients for guaranteed success. With a father behind five prosperous start-ups and Brad's elite education at Wharton School of Business, he was headed to Wall Street. Then a family crisis made Brad reevaluate his definition of professional success. His sister Jane was diagnosed with cancer. And when her treatment required more than 15 vitamin supplements, Brad was inspired to do something about it. With his family's backing, Brad hit the drawing board, creating a company in customized vitamins. Join host and guinea pig Will Durst as he tests and qualifies for just about every nutritional deficiency!

Next month on Livelyhood, Will Durst takes on the American COMMUTE - How do we get to work in grueling traffic, on winding bike hills or through hectic rush hour frenzy? Tell us how you get to work. What would make your commute better? Besides playing hooky?