Discussion Guides


Season Two Materials

Makers discussion guides provide episode recaps, thought provoking questions, historical timelines and more information for use within a classroom or other group setting. Each guide is downloadable as a PDF.

Women in Comedy

Women in Hollywood

Women in Space

Women in War

Women in Business

Women in Politics

Season One Materials

Lesson plans and activities from the first season of Makers.

Discontent and Transformation

Students explore video segments from the documentary on the impact of the book “The Feminine Mystique” on post-World War housewives and application Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on gender discrimination. Students then examine several scenarios of possible gender discrimination and determine what laws might have been broken.


Discontent and Transformation PDF


1950's Housewife

Southern Bell

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972

Students examine various examples of gender discrimination and the video segments from the documentary and website that tell the story of Title IX’s impact on improving women’s athletic and academic achievement. Students then deliberate further expansion of Title IX provisions weighing the costs and benefits of Title IX.


Title IX PDF


Title IX

Civil Rights and the Women's Movement

In this lesson, students will take a survey on white and male privilege that explores race and gender inequality. They will then compare and contrast the experiences of African American and white women facing discrimination in the 1950s and 1960s. In a culminating activity, students will then research current areas of discrimination and formulate an anti-discrimination campaign.


Civil Rights and the Women's Movement



Civil Rights

For All Women

ERA and Poltical Backlash

In this lesson, students will examine the Equal Rights Amendment and discuss its meaning. Students will gain an understanding of the amendment process as prescribed by Article V of the U.S. Constitution and the politically conservative backlash that led to the failure in passing the Equal Rights Amendment. In a final activity, students will debate several important claims made by supporters and opponents of the amendment in small debate teams.


ERA and Political Backlash



Stop ERA

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