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Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution
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Quiz Questions

1. What infamous quote has been wrongfully attributed to Marie Antoinette?

2. In her last days, Marie Antoinette was held prisoner with her two surviving children and Madame Elizabeth, who was:

3. As a child, Marie Antoinette learned how to play:

4. When they learned they would be crowned King and Queen, what did Marie Antoinette and Dauphin Louis pray for?

5. What was the name of the mock village Marie Antoinette had built on the Versaille grounds?

6. As a young child, what did Marie Antoinette love to do?

7. What did Marie Antoinette do at Petit Trianon?

8. In the Diamond Necklace Affair, how did con artists trick Cardinal de Rohan into buying a 2,842 karat diamond necklace?

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