Viral video sites seem to be multiplying like rabbits these days. The idea is that you can upload your digital video to show the world, then people can watch them, comment on them, email them to friends, and spoof them. The most popular of these sites is YouTube, with the motto “Broadcast Yourself.” YouTube says it serves up 40 million video clips per day. Wow. But there’s plenty of competition from sites such as MetaCafe and Revver. (Check out this great review from DV Guru of 10 video-sharing services.)

So I’m curious what you think about YouTube. Is it a grand waste of time or a great way to share your video with friends, family and the world. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Or do you prefer other video-sharing sites? Why? Share your thoughts below and I’ll post a selection of the best ones in next week’s Your Take Roundup.