by Nick Swyter

I enrolled at the University of Miami’s School of Communication to pursue my career goal: become a television news anchor. In August, I will begin my senior year and assume the role of station manager of the campus television station. Do I feel like I am on track for my career goal? Yes. Do I [...] more »


Every now and then I receive a call from a dean or chair of a journalism or communication program. They lament deficiencies in their students’ language skills and writing, and they are calling me because they’ve heard of our school — a multilingual bouillabaisse of an institution with four languages spoken (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole). [...] more »


Co-authored with Megan Fromm Last week, after spending 30 hours observing a high school journalism classroom, freelance writer and editor  (and PBS MediaShift editorial assistant) Angela Washeck gave a first-person analysis of how today’s students are producing media. Her observations, detailed in “The Journey to Teaching High School Journalism in Texas,” mischaracterize the purpose of [...] more »

#EdShift Chats

On Tuesday, July 29, our #EdShift chat will focus on data visualization. Join us at 1 ET/12 CT/10 PT as we discuss the rising importance of data visualization and cover how schools can incorporate this skill into journalism education. The chat will be moderated as usual by MediaShift’s Education Curator Katy Culver, with special guests Alberto [...] more »


Today’s journalism and media students may produce all kinds of projects. They might code websites, develop multimedia, build devices and contribute to a huge range of collaborative efforts that require both new ways of thinking and innovative ways of working within schools’ physical spaces. I recently talked with faculty at four institutions who are creating [...] more »

#EdShift Chats

Co-authored with Lynne Perri President Obama’s visit earlier this month to 1776, the startup hub in downtown Washington, D.C., shined a spotlight on entrepreneurship and innovative thinking nationwide. It was a good location because the contemporary, well-lit loft that incubates and supports area startups has grown from zero to 215 members in only a year-and-a-half. [...] more »


For most of us, high school was so long ago that we can hardly remember what we were taught and couldn’t even guess what high school students are learning today. Recently, I decided to pursue a teaching certificate in high school journalism and saw quickly what secondary students are learning in their journalism classes, mainly [...] more »


Journalism needs to get “a seat at the table so that free press rights and free speech rights are part of the conversation” in evolving drone legislation, Matthew Waite, founder of the Drone Journalism Lab, recently told the World Editors Forum. Waite, professor of practice in the journalism program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says it’s up to [...] more »


I have stopped using New York Times data visualizations in my training presentations to educators and students. Don’t get me wrong. They’re spectacular. This one setting winter Olympic event finishes to music completely changed my understanding of timed events. I learned about the nightmare of balancing the federal budget. And I figured out why World Cup [...] more »


Let’s start with some analysis of why I chose seven ways to incorporate data journalism into your classes. I’m Irish, and it’s my lucky number. It was my basketball jersey number, and it’s the exact number of pints of Harp I can drink before falling off a barstool. But seriously, data, like writing a clever [...] more »

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