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by Reuben Stern

This week we get an inside look at one media organization’s successful digital strategy. New York Public Radio, which operates WNYC in New York City, is among the leading innovators in the public media system both for on-air programming and for a forward-looking approach to digital. We visited their office and sat down with Thomas Hjelm, executive [...] more »

by Patricia Aufderheide

At the latest Media Impact Funders (MIF) event, “Remaking Public Media,” the short- and long-term impact of public media was never far from the discussion. Synergy between legacy and social media was a mantra. Documentary photography is being leveraged successfully for social change, in projects funded by The Open Society Institute’s Documentary Photography Project. “Photography should give people [...] more »

by Miral Sattar

I don’t know when or why I started doing it, but every time I go to a conference I almost always do a minority report and grade the diversity of the attendants that the conference brings in my head. Perhaps it’s because I’m not just a woman, but a woman of color, usually a minority group [...] more »

by Jeremy Greenfield

A big box office weekend for the film adaptation of John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” (Penguin Random House) has the e-book once again atop this week’s e-book bestseller list. It even bested the debut of Stephen King’s latest, “Mr. Mercedes” (Simon & Schuster). Notably missing from the list this week are four Amazon Publishing titles: “The [...] more »

by Jeremy Greenfield

As the Amazon-Hachette contract negotiations drag on — negotiations that both sides believe will be drawn out — Hachette e-books continue to make an appearance on the Digital Book World E-book Bestseller list, but for how long? First off, Hachette titles on the list today may be slipping oh-so-slightly. All three on the list this week lost [...] more »

by Miral Sattar

After a fantastic BEA (Book Expo America), I’ve been digesting the whole Amazon/Hachette battle. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that it’s an incredible time to be a self-published author. The first thing that surprised me is that so much has been misreported about the Amazon/Hachette battle. Amazon and Hachette are negotiating their contract terms, [...] more »

by Jeremy Greenfield

As the trade dispute between Amazon and Hachette grinds on, there are at least three authors who have less cause than others for grievance: James Patterson, Donna Tartt and David Baldacci. Titles by these three are still hanging tough in the Digital Book World E-book Bestsellers list despite their publishers’ dispute with the e-book retailer. Over [...] more »

by Sarah Juckes

The word metadata sounds potentially confusing but is really very simple. Its direct translation is “data about data.” When we’re talking about books, it simply means all the information about your book that isn’t the story itself. This can be anything from the title, to the traditional blurb, to the tags that make it easier [...] more »

by Rachele Kanigel

“I hope I don’t throw up.” That was the response of one of my students a couple of weeks ago as she nervously prepared to give a presentation to five Bay Area magazine professionals and our department chair, who had agreed to serve as judges for my magazine publishing class’s Pitch Day. Luckily, she didn’t. [...] more »

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