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by Michelle Johnson

I just flew back from running the Student Newsroom at the Online News Association and, boy, are my arms tired. And my feet. And my brain’s about to explode from all of the lessons learned after being at the helm of a program staffed with some of the planet’s best and brightest journalism students, professors [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. ‘Landmark’ student-data-privacy law enacted in California (Benjamin Herold / Education Week) 2. EDUCAUSE 2014: Online learning could fundamentally change role of universities (D. Frank Smith / EdTech Magazine) 3. How edtech tools have revved up 21st century STEM instruction (Bill Church / EdSurge) 4. MOOC U: The revolution isn’t over (Jeff Selingo / The [...] more »

by Kate Nash Cunningham

Co-authored by Michael V. Marcotte. Like many professors across the country, we’ve spent the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on our journalism syllabi, thinking of new ways to reach students and of novel approaches for our assignments. This semester, we have another exciting job. Thanks to a grant from the Online News Association, [...] more »

by Eric Newton

Last week at the Online News Association convention in Chicago, we did a “lighting round” on our update of Searchlights and Sunglasses, the free digital learning resource Knight Foundation offered up last year to journalism education. Did we just say the first edition launched last year? That seems like a lifetime ago — maybe because, [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. MIT study finds learning gains for students who took free online course (Nick Anderson / The Washington Post) 2. Can Google X’s recently departed founder save the MOOC? (Michael del Castillo / Upstart Business Journal) 3. Tech industry-designed higher education heats up with $35M investment in Udacity (Gregory Ferenstein / VentureBeat) 4. Using digital [...] more »

by Aileen Gallagher

The Apple iPad and my teaching career launched at around the same time, both full of mystery and potential. At my interview, just a few weeks after the iPad’s launch, I spoke a lot about the potential of tablet magazines. Publishers would not make the same mistake with the tablet as they had with the [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Tool called Dataminr hunts for news in the din of Twitter (Leslie Kaufman / The New York Times) 2. The New York Times is making a front-page bet on real-time aggregation (Justin Ellis / Nieman Lab) 3. What the founders of Vice Media, Upworthy & Aereo have to say about media innovation (Jon Fine [...] more »

by Josh Stearns

Digital journalism has made possible some incredible storytelling in recent years. Visually stunning reports on issues as diverse as gun violence, environmental disasters, and surveillance have brought stories to life on the screen. Increasingly, however, journalists are experimenting with innovations that move journalism off the screen and into people’s hands. This spring RadioLab did a [...] more »

by Anna-Cat Brigida

Engaging curriculum, knowledgeable professors and well-run student news organizations — these are just a few aspects that contribute to a successful journalism education. Another factor could soon populate this list: an innovative and collaborative journalism school building. Amid scores of other uncertainties brought by the digital disruption, many programs are wrestling with a new question: [...] more »

by Rachele Kanigel

When I walked into my media entrepreneurship class at San Francisco State University last week, I felt a little like a kindergarten teacher. Construction paper? Check. Toilet paper rolls? Check. Colored markers, scissors, glue sticks? Check, check, check. Pipe cleaners? Oh no! They were at home, in a shopping bag along with the pieces of [...] more »