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by Eric Elia

You just finished “Deadwood” or another buzzy, binge-worthy show, after all your friends told you that you had to watch it. That Timothy Olyphant sure is great. What else has he been in? “Justified,” eh? Where can I watch the past seasons? What do my friends think of the show? What about the newest episodes? [...] more »

by Carla King

Authors these days are more than authors. Our days are fragmented with tasks that more resemble those of publishers and marketers, journalists and speakers. We must not only write, but edit, organize, blog, friend, tweet, connect, converse, advise, recripocate, share and share again. These five apps (and I mean “apps” beyond the mobile-only kind) help [...] more »

by Dena Levitz

In the beginning, newspapers’ apps were mostly replicas of what they produce in print daily, shrunk down to fit a desired screen. Publishers simply wanted to be in the mobile mix -– and the emphasis was less on trying creative approaches in application look and feel and more on just being there. That, I’m happy [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

Are you sick of hearing about mobile yet? You’re going to get even sicker. Mobile usage for news is booming, as people follow updates on stories on smartphones and tablets, and download tons of apps. But how do you decide which apps are right for you? We’ve enlisted MediaShift correspondents to recommend their favorite apps [...] more »

by Amanda Bohan

Co-authored by Daniel Vahab. Just three short months ago, Twitter launched a new social video-sharing site Vine, a mobile application that allows users to take quick six-second clips. This week Vine hit the No. 1 spot in Apple’s App Store — signaling its meteoric rise. A Vine video taken during a performance of Wicked. In [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Just six months after being acquired, Twitter’s Vine hits top free spot on Apple’s app store (TechCrunch) 2. Frank Rich on the state of journalism (New York Magazine) 3. News Corp. threatens to pull Fox off the airwaves if Aereo wins (AllThingsD) 4. Hope that the IRS will reconsider outdated media rules (Knight Foundation) [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. How much work Twitter is too much? (The Awl) 2. “Why I admire the OC register, even though I disagree with almost everything they’re doing” (PaidContent.org) 3. Dan Gillmor says journalists are uninformed about who controls the platforms they publish on (Nieman) 4. Swartz death inspires expanded effort to liberate pay walled court docs [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Did Nate Thayer plagiarize the article The Atlantic wanted for free? (NYmag) 2. Facebook is making the world’s ‘best personalized newspaper’ (BusinessInsider) 3. The newsonomics of ‘why pay walls now?’ (Nieman) 4. 8 essential apps for SXSWi attendees (Mashable) 5. Former Wired Digital Editor heads to Obvious Corp. (AllThingsD) Subscribe to Daily Must Reads [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The future of journalism: It’s time to pick a side (PandoDaily) 2. The media’s double standard for women at the top (The Verge) 3. A day in the life of a digital editor (The Atlantic) 4. Study: Confusing Facebook privacy settings lead to more public information (AllFacebook) 5. Want a map of the internet? [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The Verge hires writer who quit CNET in protest (NYT) 2. Super Bowl social media use up 3 times over 2012 (Mashable) 3. Digital First Media’s CEO doesn’t believe in paywalls or subscriptions, but he’s exploring them anyway (PaidContent) 4. How the act of live-tweeting is becoming just as big an event as the [...] more »