Tag: banner ads

by Julie Keck

1. New mobile TV study shows changes in viewing habits (Poynter) 2. Google Chromecast device is a game changer (Forbes) 3. Chipotle faked its Twitter hack (Mashable) 4. Gawker’s Nick Denton makes peace with the ‘banner ad’ (Digiday) 5. Journalist launches FairPic as marketplace to license images (Journalism.co.uk) 6. Hoopla wants to be a free [...] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

If the banner ad isn’t dead, it’s certainly on life support. Once upon a time (actually, not so long ago), there was one way to advertise online: the almighty banner ad. But, the banner ad just didn’t do enough. It didn’t fully take advantage of the medium, it was hard to track, and it certainly [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. A reluctant witness: @quinnnorton on the investigation of Aaron Swartz (The Atlantic) 2. Google Glass’ women problems (TechCrunch)   3. Study: Tone of comments can influence reader understanding of an article (NYT) 4. If Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks are guilty, so is the New York Times (PaidContent.org) 5. Banner ads to become a thing [...] more »