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by Denise Lu

A big year for both breaking news as well as shifts within the industry, 2013 saw its fair share of massive media stories. The biggest of all were the revelations about NSA surveillance from a leaker, Edward Snowden, who surprised everyone by exposing his identity. And that followed the Obama Administration’s push to prosecute journalists, […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. NSA able to foil basic safeguards of privacy on the web (NYT) 2. Jeff Bezos likes print, thinks readers will pay for a bundle of news – is he wrong? (GigaOm) 3. Guardian’s Geary joining Twitter as UK news partnership manager (Guardian) 4. Details uses bloggers for native advertising (Adweek) 5. Oyster comes pretty […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Microsoft to buy Nokia’s device business in deal worth over $7 billion (AllThingsD) 2. CBS returns, triumphant, to cable box (NYT) 3. Jeffrey Bezos, the Washington Post’s next owner, aims for a ‘new golden era’ at the paper (Washington Post) 4. Vimeo starts funding indie films to broaden its on demand platform (PaidContent) 5. […] more »

by Zach C. Cohen

It’s a scary but exciting world for newspaper owners right now, especially if they’re in a selling mood. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post last week (while our podcast was on vacation — great timing!), and Red Sox owner John Henry bought the Boston Globe before that. As newspapers […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Open letter to Jeff Bezos from ex-Washington Post mail room employee (and creator of AllThingsD) Kara Swisher (AllThingsD) 2. Luvit.Me: Bitly lets you tell people how you really feel about links you post (The Atlantic) 3. YouTube’s founders challenge Vine and Instagram with new video app (NYT) 4. Canadian standards body: Journalistic errors must […] more »