Tag: breaking news

by Zach C. Cohen

This week’s episode focuses on the role of live coverage in the media ecosystem. When does it work? When does it not? How do you balance speed and accuracy? How does it pull in readers? We’ll talk to some of the leading minds in breaking news journalism and how their live coverage has meant big […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Edward Snowden: The whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations (Guardian) 2. Google to buy crowdsourced navigation app Waze (AllThingsD) 3. WDRB on why ‘breaking news’ is broken (mediabistro) 4. Watchdog reporting is a social activity, not the work of lone wolves (Nieman) 5. Seven years later, a former CNN reporter returns…as digital reporter (NYT) Get our newsletters delivered straight to your inbox.  more »

by Julie Keck

1. Body of man falsely identified as Boston bombing suspect on Twitter and Reddit found (Poynter) 2. The New York Times releases its headline-reading Google Glass App (TechCrunch) 3. Breaking news is broken; Could Buzzfeed be the one to fix it? (The Atlantic) 4. Researchers call out Twitter celebrities with suspicious followings (NYT) 5. Instapaper […] more »

by Jihii Jolly

A lot is happening in Boston, just like a lot has happened in past months, including a lot of hype on the news, a lot of confusion, and the spread of quite some misinformation. But eventually, the chase ends, the investigations close, the who, what, where, when, and how get answered, and the why gets […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Amazon to acquire book recommendation social network Goodreads (Verge) 2. Facebook’s Android event leads to speculation that it’s planning its own smartphone (Fast Company) 3. “Recommended for you”: The fight to decide what you read next (paidContent) 4. How newsrooms can create a breaking news plan and why it matters (Poynter) 5. Two years […] more »

by Mark Glaser

[View the story “Timeline of Tweets Around Death of Osama Bin Laden” on Storify] Did you see any other key tweets around the news of Bin Laden’s killing? Share them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the timeline above. Mark Glaser is executive editor of MediaShift and Idea Lab. He also writes […] more »

by Julie Posetti

Twitter is continuing to make headlines around the world as it amasses followers. But it’s also making an impact on the newsmakers themselves. Journalists are invading the space at a rapid pace and learning to report live, crowdsource stories and engage with a whole new audience…in 140 characters or less. It may not be revolutionary […] more »

by Julie Posetti

Twitter became big news once journalists realized its power as a tool for breaking stories during the Mumbai Massacre in 2008. In the aftermath of the micro-blogging platform hitting the headlines, there was an explosion of professional journalists in the Twittersphere. This growth has been fueled by increasing mainstream awareness of the importance of social […] more »