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by Julie Keck

1. Tribune Media has a new digital boss, and a new digital strategy (Peter Kafka / Re/code) 2. Verge Hack Week: Building new storytelling tools, plotting growth (Justin Ellis / Nieman Lab) 3. Daily Mail solves Internet paradox (Michael Wolff / USA Today) 4. Rogers and Shaw team up to launch a Netflix competitor for […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Netflix pursues cable TV deals (Shalini Ramachandran / Wall Street Journal) 2. Why news organizations shouldn’t write off tablet magazines (Sam Kirkland / Poynter) 3. Waywire, Cory Booker’s attempt to build a web video startup, sells to Magnify (Peter Kafka / AllThingsD) 4. Canadian government to push cable providers to unbundle channels (Reuters) 5. […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. AllThingsD severs ties with Dow Jones, still looking for a potential buyer or partner (Mathew Ingram / GigaOm) 2. Nielsen to add data for mobile viewing (Amol Sharma & Suzanne Vranica / Wall Street Journal) 3. Pinterest will start showing ads as audience grows, shifts to mobile (Josh Constine / TechCrunch) 4. Microsoft COO: […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Open letter to Jeff Bezos from ex-Washington Post mail room employee (and creator of AllThingsD) Kara Swisher (AllThingsD) 2. Luvit.Me: Bitly lets you tell people how you really feel about links you post (The Atlantic) 3. YouTube’s founders challenge Vine and Instagram with new video app (NYT) 4. Canadian standards body: Journalistic errors must […] more »

by Eric Mark Do

Toronto-based freelance reporter Naheed Mustafa always paid her own way when she reported from abroad. But that meant that about 70 percent to 80 percent of what she earned went straight toward paying for the costs of traveling. Most news organizations don’t reimburse freelancers for travel costs, and the ones that do don’t offer a […] more »

by Eric Mark Do

Canada’s largest newspaper company is launching two hyper-local business sites in a bid to duplicate the success of one of Canada’s only profitable online news operations. YourMississaugaBiz.com launched several months ago, and YourHamiltonBiz.com will go live this month. Both are the creation of Torstar Inc., which owns the Toronto Star, Metroland, and Metro newspapers. The […] more »

by Kelly Toughill

The bank accounts of OpenFile, the Canadian “community-powered news organization,” are frozen and freelancers still haven’t been paid, but founder Wilf Dinnick says the innovative journalism network will return in 2013 — or before. “People have counted us out very early, and I would say we are still working really hard to figure this out […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories of the week from across the web on e-books and self-publishing 1. Publishers could reach settlement with 50 states in e-books case (PaidContent) 2. Canadians file their own e-books lawsuits against publishers (PaidContent) 3. An explanation of why e-books cost so much (CNET) 4. Amazon gets right to publish e-book editions of James […] more »

by Alfred Hermida

Journalists today are expected to be active on social media, sharing observations, anecdotes and links with their audience. Facebook itself is reaching out to newsrooms, recently launching the Journalists on Facebook page as a resource for the media. But a study from Canada suggests more people prefer to get their news via their friends and […] more »

by Steven Davy

Social Media content on MediaShift is sponsored by the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships, a program offering innovative and entrepreneurial journalists the resources of Stanford University and Silicon Valley. Learn more here. Naheed Nenshi became mayor of Calgary at the end of October not by outspending his rivals or hailing from the incumbent political class […] more »