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by Tim Karr

The following opinion piece is a guest post and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of this publication. Read more about MediaShift guest posts here. While Feidin Santana and Ramsey Orta are hardly household names, these men played pivotal roles in one of the most important civil rights stories of the our time. They made […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Netflix doesn’t want to kill HBO: It wants to kill TV (Peter Kafka / Re/code) 2. Rooster Teeth plays the video game (Stuart Dredge / Guardian) 3. Changes coming to the Times’ mobile portfolio (via New York Times) 4. The evolution of money: Every device will become a vehicle for commerce (Dan Rowinski / […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Mute button (George Packer / The New Yorker) 2. Different paths to sustainability for local and state nonprofit news sites (Justin Ellis / Nieman Lab) 3. FTC to review complaint that YouTube Kids over-advertises to children (Cecilia Kang / Washington Post) 4. Tinder-meets-‘Serial’ app wins at POV’s 8th Nonfiction Media Innovation Lab ‘POV Hackathon’ […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Twitter and YouTube blocked in Turkey over hostage photos (Graham Cluley / WeLiveSecurity) 2. John Oliver makes Edward Snowden squirm on ‘Last Week Tonight’ (Marlow Stern / The Daily Beast) [VID] 3. Rolling Stone’s investigation: “A failure that was avoidable” (Sheila Coronel, Steve Coll & Derek Kravitz / Columbia Journalism Review) 4. A dumb […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Book-censoring Clean Reader app closes catalogue, profanity is mother-[freaking] victorious (Kathleen Culliton / Bustle) 2. What you need to know about crowdfunded publishing (Matt Kaye / Jane Friedman) 3. Publishing’s clues from video games (Candide Kirk / FutureBook) 4. E-books gained, online retailers slipped in 2014 (Jim Milliot / Publishers Weekly) 5. eBooksAreForever wants […] more »

by Geoffrey King

Attempts by the French government last week to use vague legislation to block five websites for “condoning terrorism” would be troubling anywhere, but it is especially tragic coming from the country that gave us the champion of free speech and tolerance, and Voltaire. The move appears to be part of a wider campaign by French authorities […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Twitter experiments with ‘TV Timelines’ (Lance Ulanoff / Mashable) 2. Access to blocked sites restored by Reporters Without Borders (via BBC News) 3. Snapchat’s Discover publishers are asking for big ad rates — and they’re getting them (Kurt Wagner / Re/code) 4. Canadian TV regulators shake up system with new content rules (Jennie Punter […] more »

by Jefferson Yen

Many of us take for granted the efficacy of search engines in producing accurate results. Just try to remember what it was like browsing the web in the early aughts and you can see how much things have changed. It’s pretty clear that Google’s come out on top in the search engine wars. Even though […] more »

by Stephen J. A. Ward

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, I and other journalists in Western democracies deplored the violence and defended freedom of expression against terrorism. A common defense of the satirical magazine’s barbed cartoons was “the right to offend.” Some commentators made the principle absolute, and then concluded the following: If news media did not […] more »

by Benjamin Shors

Before we departed on the 45-minute charter flight from Miami to Havana, Cuba, last spring, my students and I made a pact: No Facebook. No Twitter. No social media. We went so far as to turn off the GPS tracking on our phones, concerned that Cuban officials might fret about our digital footprints as we […] more »