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by Amanda Hirsch

Correction: The Twitter hashtag for Beyond November is #beyondnov, not #beyondnovember as a previous version of this post stated. In St. Louis, three non-profit news organizations — St. Louis Public Radio (SLPR), the Nine Network of Public Media and the St. Louis Beacon — have joined forces to produce election coverage through a project called [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

Welcome to the 58th episode of the Mediatwits podcast, with Mark Glaser and Rafat Ali as co-hosts. This week, we take a look at the changes in coverage of the presidential debate, with live-streaming online, instant fact-checks and added context, and even “live-GIF’ing.” Tumblr’s Christoper Price and the Sunlight Foundation’s Bill Allison talk about the [...] more »

by Jennifer Dorroh

In the past, old elections data might languish on microfiche or in boxes, dusted off occasionally by a political scientist or presidential historian. But in the run-up to Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Oct. 7 municipal elections, one newsroom has reimagined data from nearly two decades as an animated video that engages the public and draws people [...] more »

by Steven Davy

Social Media content on MediaShift is sponsored by the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships, a program offering innovative and entrepreneurial journalists the resources of Stanford University and Silicon Valley. Learn more here. Naheed Nenshi became mayor of Calgary at the end of October not by outspending his rivals or hailing from the incumbent political class [...] more »

by Clothilde Le Coz

Japanese journalist Toru Yamaji, the head of the Tokyo-based news agency APF, was arrested over the weekend in the eastern border town of Myawaddy, Burma, after reportedly entering from Thailand. He was taken by helicopter to the Burmese capital, Naypyitaw, for questioning by military intelligence. Yamaji was attempting to report on the ongoing elections in [...] more »

by Steven Davy

A political campaign website is the place where candidates recruit new volunteers, and where the candidate can get their message out unfiltered. It’s more important than ever, and yet many candidates still struggle to get it right. “The website really is that first real encounter with the voter; it’s your chance to turn a casual [...] more »

by Jaron Gilinsky

The new media evangelists who preached of a revolution in British electoral politics will have to wait until at least the next election to see their prophecies come to fruition. In this country steeped in electoral tradition, the impact of new and social media on the 2010 race was minimal. The British still consume high [...] more »

by Jaron Gilinsky

Just as television changed the way political campaigns were run in the 1960s, the Internet has changed the way political campaigns are run in the 2000s. Upwards of 70 million people watched the more aesthetically-pleasing JFK debating the more radio-suited Nixon on the tube in 1960. Nearly 50 years later, the YouTube debates of 2008 [...] more »

by Julie Posetti

The micro-blogging platform Twitter was the breakthrough social media tool for journalists in 2008. It became a pipeline for breaking news for both professional reporters and citizen journalists, with the massacre in Mumbai, the Hudson River plane crash and Obama’s inauguration highlighting its effectiveness as a source of live, user-generated online content. Journalists increasingly used [...] more »

by Alfred Hermida

Here’s a recipe for how to cover local elections. Take a bunch of bright and eager journalism students. Give them two weeks to fan out across the city and come back with multiplatform stories on issues as diverse as creating bike-only roads, spending almost $30 million on a dog pound and treating Vancouver’s sewage. This [...] more »