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by Claire Groden

Last week, ESPN’s Grantland published a story by Caleb Hannan called “Dr. V’s Magical Putter,” a piece that on its face looked into the ambitious claims of Essay Anne Vanderbilt (a.k.a. Dr. V), the inventor of a golf putter called Yar. The article ended up being less about a putter and more about the inventor [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Grantland and Dr. V: What happens when niche journalism meets the network effect (Mathew Ingram / GigaOm) 2. Verizon agrees to buy Intel’s failed internet TV project (Aaron Souppouris / Verge) 3. How an intern created the NYT’s dialect quiz, the site’s most-visited content in 2013 (Ryan Graff / Knight Lab) 4. As Netflix [...] more »

by Kathleen Bartzen Culver

Earlier this month, a colleague sent me this piece about LeBron James from Grantland as a sample to use in a course three of us teach in the journalism school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s an introductory skills course in multimedia journalism and strategic communication. We think of it as “boot camp.” The students [...] more »