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by Lauren Simonis

On Friday, April 4, our biweekly #EdShift chat gets a brand new spin. The students are taking over. The chat will involve students from journalism programs across the country, focusing on what they need from their journalism education. The chat will take place on Twitter at the #EdShift hashtag at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. [...] more »

by Emily Eggleston

As a new master’s student at University of Wisconsin-Madison two years ago, I was immediately drawn to data journalism. I saw it as an area of significant growth but also untapped potential, from neighborhood to national. I wanted to explore data journalism as it could be executed in Madison and Wisconsin and winning the AP-Google [...] more »

by Leslie Walker

Co-authored with Sean Mussenden On the top floor of the University of Maryland’s journalism school, students are learning about the future of news by covering it. Like most journalism schools, the Philip Merrill College of Journalism wants to inspire students to innovate as it trains them to enter a news industry struggling to develop new [...] more »

by Nathan Gibbs

The best stories across the web on journalism education 1. Leveraging a “teaching hospital model” in journalism education (New America Foundation) 2. Students “may be ‘digital natives,’ but they’re wretched at searching” (Wired) 3. American Public University enlists faculty to write e-textbooks (Inside Higher Ed) 4. Census: Journalism majors make about $50,000 (Poynter) 5. News bosses talk shop in [...] more »

by Valentina Giménez

Pressure from the publishing industry has weakened the watchdog role of journalists, turning them into lapdogs at the service of corporations and politicians and unable to serve their readers. That’s one of the conclusions of Bernardo Diaz Nosty, journalism professor at the University of Malaga. Diaz Nosty, also a journalist, is the author of “Libro [...] more »

by Susan Currie Sivek

While magazine industry professionals struggle to come up with the best ways to use today’s technology, magazine journalism educators are working hard to prepare their aspiring co-workers. Photos and mashup by Susan Currie Sivek. Journalism schools with strong magazine programs have developed innovative courses and assignments to challenge students to think beyond the printed page. [...] more »

by Lynne Russell

Does it matter where a story comes from, as long as it makes the news? Apparently it doesn’t matter at all, to many of the latest crop of journalism students who believe their smart phones hold the keys to truth. And so, a sinister thing is happening in the world of journalism, and I’m going [...] more »

by Dan Reimold

The Red & Black, one of the largest and most-feted college newspapers in the country, recently dropped a bombshell on its readers and the student journalism community. In a wraparound section of a special issue published on the first day of the new school year, the University of Georgia student newspaper revealed it will be [...] more »

by Dan Reimold

Over the past year, I have noticed an emerging student press trend sweeping the Twitterverse: the tweet greet. An increasing number of student journalists appear to be using Twitter as the prime spot to seek sources for their story or class assignments and to make first contact with these sources. The result: a dramatic rise [...] more »