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by Julie Keck

1. Do we need consumer protection for e-books? (Mike Kozlowski / Good e-Reader) 2. U.S. judge says she is troubled by Apple $450 million e-books deal (Nate Raymond / Reuters) 3. 8 ways for self-published authors to rise above their fear of metadata (Beth Bacon / Digital Book World) 4. Storia, Scholastic’s digital reading platform, […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Wall St. Cheat Sheet writes its own rules for new media (PandoDaily) 2. Hulu bids depend on TV show rights (WSJ) 3. MIT tool connects the dots of your life through Gmail metadata (The Verge) 4. Thomson Reuters to suspend sneak peeks at the Key Index (Deal Book – NYT) 5. Research suggests it’s […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. CHART: iTunes users spend a lot on apps and music, not so much on e-books (GigaOm) 2. Selling books online with clever metadata (Digital Book World) 3. The on-going story: Twitter and writing (The New Yorker) 4. Apple e-books trial may affect content pricing agreements (Forbes) 5. On becoming multimedia emperors (Indie Reader)  Get our newsletters delivered straight to your inbox.  more »

by Carla King

Metadata used to be a wallflower, hiding out at the library with the Dewey Decimal system. Now it’s at every party, flitting about gathering and sorting books on mobile devices, e-readers, and websites. Metadata is a core component of digital information and news; so good book metadata is good book marketing. It’s an essential tool […] more »

by Martin Moore

You have to admire his chutzpah. Rupert Murdoch, the so-called nemesis of public interest news, is now being hailed by some as its potential savior. Sick and tired of people reading his news outlets for free online, Murdoch has erected pay walls around his sites (or some of them at least). Anyone who wants to […] more »