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by Molly Yanity

Earlier this fall, the National Football League delivered body blow after body blow to itself. From video of a star player punching his partner to public relations pummelings, one could assume this popular American sports league would be down for the count. That is simply not the case. According to a recent NBC News/Marist poll, nearly 90 percent of NFL […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. T-Mobile’s Music Freedom initiative sets dangerous precedent for wireless net neutrality (Chris Ziegler / Verge) 2. No, a Supreme Court victory by Aereo would not crush the NFL (Chris Morran / Consumerist) 3. Google must remove list of websites around the world, Canadian court rules (Jeff John Roberts / GigaOm) 4. How far ahead […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Twitter reinstates blocking option after user backlash (Helen Davidson / The Guardian) 2. Google removes vital privacy feature from Android (Peter Eckersley / Electronic Frontier Foundation) 3. NFL, DirecTV agree to framework for Sunday Ticket deal (Ronald Grover & Liana Baker / Reuters) 4. Code of ethics for drone use in journalism (Matthew Waite […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. UK’s secret Mid-East internet surveillance base revealed in Snowden leaks (The Independent) 2. CBS / Time Warner Cable standoff threatens to extend into NFL season (AdWeek) 3. New York Times experiments with tweetable highlights (Poynter) 4. ThaiPublica: Investigative journalism and ‘cute’ interactives (Journalism.co.uk) 5. Pandora ends 40-hour mobile limit (CNET) 6. How binge-viewing could […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Manning to request a pardon from Obama for 35-year sentence handed down for WikiLeaks disclosures (Guardian) 2. Digital to account for 25% of total ad spend in 2013, according to eMarketer (The Drum) 3. CBS, Time Warner Cable reach truce over debates (Wall Street Journal) 4. NSA and Intelligence Community turn to Tumblr for […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. All-digital Newsweek sold to IBT Media (The Daily Beast) 2. Waiting for CBS and Time Warner Cable to make up (NYT) 3. YouTube opens up live streaming to anyone with 100 subscribers or more (The Verge) 4. The NFL gets a better grip on digital media with a new mobile app (AllThingsD) 5. After […] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Lily Leung. 1. Newspapers’ attempt to cover print ad losses with digital gains has ‘deteriorated’ (Poynter) 2. Facebook’s struggle to enter China’s market (Fortune) 3. Inventor of the modern laptop computer dies (Telegraph) 4. Journalists come to the aid of struggling Homicide Watch […] more »

by Mark Glaser

When it comes to television shows and events, we the people have been taking more and more control of what we see and on what medium. The rise of everything from DVRs to streaming Netflix to mobile TV means that we get to decide when we want to watch our favorite shows. More people have […] more »