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by Josh Stearns

At the Online News Association conference late last month I finally had the chance to talk with Andrew Donohue in more than 140 characters, and we quickly got to discussing his new project. Donohue helped build and lead Voice of San Diego, one of the pioneering new local online non-profit journalism efforts, and is now [...] more »

by David Johnson

Coming down off the rosy glow of several days in San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay, the attendees of the Online News Association meeting are returning home with heads spinning full of inspiration and enthusiasm. There were many great sessions in a really stimulating conference. Two presentations in particular stood out and fit [...] more »

by Kathy E. Gill

What should journalists call people who are living in the United States unlawfully? Research at the University of Memphis reveals that 9 out of 10 times, journalists use the labels “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien.” But Jose Antonio Vargas had a different message for the journalists, students and educators gathered at the Online News Association [...] more »

by Nathan Gibbs

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Nathan Gibbs 1. BitTorrent takes on Dropbox with personal file sharing (GigaOM) 2. Why ONA opposes #SOPA (Online News Association) 3. Europe’s largest free WiFi zone set for London (BBC News) 4. Matt Alexander: The e-reader, as we know it, is doomed (The Loop) 5. How Google beat AP with Iowa caucus [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

Please join us at our MediaShift Mixer co-hosted by ONA in Boston as a kick-off to the ONA11 Conference (but you don’t have to be registered for the conference to attend). Here’s a partial list of the special guests at the mixer: Mark Glaser, MediaShift Dorian Benkoil, MediaShift Jeanne Brooks, ONA Andy Carvin, NPR Professor [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

How many times have you been to a technology or media conference and noticed the dominance of white male speakers at the podium or the room? That’s what Arizona State University professor and media veteran Retha Hill saw when she attended the recent NewsFoo conference in Phoenix and the ONA conference in Washington, DC. She [...] more »

by Craig Silverman

“Welcome to the conference where journalism supposedly doesn’t know it’s supposed to be dead.” Those were the welcoming words from Online News Association executive director Jane McDonnell as she opened the 2010 Online News Association Conference. Many of the top people in online journalism in the Unites States, Canada and other countries are in Washington, [...] more »