Tag: online advertising

by Dorian Benkoil

Imagine if advertising functioned like a complex modern stock exchange, through which billions of dollars flowed electronically in transactions lasting fractions of a second. Publishers would place their pages and videos in the exchange, specifying their “asks” — what they thought the adjacent ad spots were worth, based on the presumed value of the content [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

This week’s Mediatwits podcast is a special edition focused on the evolution of advertising, as a cap to our week-long special on MediaShift. Our special guests are BuzzFeed VP Jonathan Perelman and MediaShift’s Terri Thornton, along with Mark Glaser hosting and roundtable regulars Ana Marie Cox, Andrew Lih and Monica Guzman. Perelman will have a [...] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

If the banner ad isn’t dead, it’s certainly on life support. Once upon a time (actually, not so long ago), there was one way to advertise online: the almighty banner ad. But, the banner ad just didn’t do enough. It didn’t fully take advantage of the medium, it was hard to track, and it certainly [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Who will buy the Boston Globe? (Poynter) 2. Google Journalism Fellows announced (Google – Official Blog) 3. What the Tesla affair tells us about data journalism (Tow Center for Digital Journalism) 4. Egypt crowdsources censorship, asks citizens to report blasphemous web content (Fast Company) 5. Twitter’s new advertising API is part of an ongoing [...] more »

by Nathan Gibbs

The best stories across the web on media and technology 1. “It’s a known fact in advertising circles that only idiots click on ads” – Felix Salmon (Wired) 2. Mexico’s largest university to post nearly all course materials online (The Chronicle of Higher Education) 3. Is it Game Over for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP? (Flurry) 4. Kobo offers [...] more »

by Nathan Gibbs

The best stories across the web on media and technology 1. John Paton prepares his newspapers for a world without print (New York Times) 2. The Romenesko Saga: Some questions for Poynter about recent changes to its fabled site (Columbia Journalism Review) 3. The future of online advertising: “an ad unit that smart readers actually want to click [...] more »

by Dorian Benkoil

With recent reports that Google is in the running to buy video site Hulu, it’s getting harder to make the case that the search giant is not a media company. A lot could be at stake for Google in that definition and its ability to co-exist peacefully with media companies that rely on it for [...] more »