Tag: online news association

by Tom Kent

The Online News Association this month is launching its “do-it-yourself” ethics code project. It’s a mechanism to help news organizations, small startups and individual journalists and bloggers create their own codes of ethics. It’s also a resource for journalism students creating their own personal ethics statements. “Do-it-yourself ethics” has a funny ring to it, though. [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. State Dept. blocks access to MOOCs in countries with economic sanctions (Carl Straumsheim / Inside Higher Ed) 2. Are journalists being ‘intellectually outgunned’ when it comes to data? (Alastair Reid / Journalism.co.uk) 3. Teaching the essential skills of the mobile classroom (Beth Holland / Edutopia) 4. The tricky task of figuring out what makes [...] more »

by Emily Eggleston

As a new master’s student at University of Wisconsin-Madison two years ago, I was immediately drawn to data journalism. I saw it as an area of significant growth but also untapped potential, from neighborhood to national. I wanted to explore data journalism as it could be executed in Madison and Wisconsin and winning the AP-Google [...] more »

by Kathy E. Gill

It’s been the story of the year, and it led to two Online News Association awards for the Guardian as well as a keynote breakfast session at the 13th annual ONA conference in Atlanta. “It” is today’s digital surveillance society, personified in 2013 by the Edward Snowden revelations about National Security Agency behavior. And its [...] more »

by Kelsey Mallahan

Though they are all at different stages of development, the nine startups presenting at the Collab/Space Atlanta workshop Wednesday have a few main challenges in common: having clear goals, identifying their target audiences and knowing where the money is coming from. Collab/Space was full-day hands-on workshop (put on by MediaShift) in which nine startups presented [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. The problem with Twitter (Washington Post) 2. Web television company Aereo wins major court battle against TV networks (The Verge) 3. Reselling digital goods is copyright infringement, judge rules (Wired) 4. The simple reason Goodreads is so valuable for Amazon (The Atlantic) 5. Henry Blodget says Business Insider is growing but it’s still losing [...] more »

by Kathy E. Gill

What should journalists call people who are living in the United States unlawfully? Research at the University of Memphis reveals that 9 out of 10 times, journalists use the labels “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien.” But Jose Antonio Vargas had a different message for the journalists, students and educators gathered at the Online News Association [...] more »

by Craig Silverman

“Welcome to the conference where journalism supposedly doesn’t know it’s supposed to be dead.” Those were the welcoming words from Online News Association executive director Jane McDonnell as she opened the 2010 Online News Association Conference. Many of the top people in online journalism in the Unites States, Canada and other countries are in Washington, [...] more »