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by Fannie Cohen

Proclamations of Twitter’s stumble toward oblivion poured out this week after the employee stock lockup expired on Tuesday. The market reacted with a 12 percent dip in the stock’s price. This could be signaling a lack of confidence from inside the company, or it could be the natural ebb and flow of employees cashing in on their options, [...] more »

by Jonathan Peters

Last year, a former student contacted me to ask if her news outlet, a network affiliate, could use a video clip from a Comedy Central show to introduce a segment about election-year campaign spending.  The purpose of the segment was to comment on the show’s many attempts to raise awareness of the rules that govern [...] more »

by Ivan Oransky

It has become a truism — if one not repeated often enough — that those of us teaching journalism are now preparing our students for jobs that didn’t exist when we started our careers. That might make some think of social media editors, reporter-programmers, and community managers. But even among graduates whose titles would be [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

When you think about internships at media companies, you probably picture people fetching coffee, running errands, or worse. But some internships have taken a different tack, setting up specialized blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages for their interns to help them understand new technology and spread the word about their programs. At NPR, the 40-plus [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

This week, I’m soft-launching the new weekly 4-Minute Roundup — or 4MR — audio report from MediaShift. I will embed the audio here in a blog post, and will make it available via iTunes for you to subscribe. Each Friday, I’ll look at the week’s top stories, give an overview of what’s been happening, answer [...] more »