Tag: publishing industry

by Julie Keck

1. Which publishers are the best at selling e-books? (Forbes) 2. E-book anxieties increase as publishing revolution rolls on (Guardian) 3. Self-published e-books are Nos. 1 and 2 best-sellers, average price drops to all-time low (Digital Book World) 4. HarperCollins debuts enhanced e-book info site (Publishers Weekly) 5. A little competition for Smashwords? (Good E-Reader) [...] more »

by Fabrice Neuman

Are the French really an exception? Are they going to be the ones to hang onto paper longer than anyone else and scorn e-books with an Inspector Clouseau-like “non”? Or are they going to be really French about the whole thing and pull an e-revolution on the rest of the unsuspecting world? A recent study, [...] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

There’s nothing like giving the gift of reading. And, it used to be that there was one means to that end: Buy a book at a bookstore, perhaps inscribe it, wrap it up and give it. But today, the gift of reading can mean so much more than a wrapped-up book. Today, the literary giver [...] more »

by Jason Allen Ashlock

This piece was co-written by Adam Chromy. When Random House and Penguin confirmed last week that they are in talks to merge, publishers, agents and writers coped by doing what they do best: playing word games. While #RandomPenguin and #PenguinHouse swept Twitter, anxiety bubbled beneath the surface. This morning, the news was made official (they [...] more »