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by Andy Carvin

This post originally appeared on Medium and is reprinted here with permission. When Reported.ly’s European team went online Wednesday morning, our reporting operation was less than 48 hours old. We had launched Monday at a measured, almost leisurely pace, our team of six still getting to know each other and learning how to coordinate our […] more »

by Courtney Lowery Cowgill

What we share on social media says a lot. Below is an interesting infographic put together by AddThis, which measures social interest, on what we thought was worth sharing in 2014 and where and how we shared it. For more year-end stories from MediaShift, check out our entire series. Click the image for a larger […] more »

by Kelly Fincham

Co-authored with Leigh Wright Social media are so tightly woven into journalism that many media organizations routinely now designate social media editors. The expanding field is also creating more job opportunities for journalism graduates, which in turn has created a demand for more social media instruction at journalism schools across the U.S. However, many journalism […] more »

by Julie Keck

Today, please enjoy our special “Roundup of Year-end Roundups.” 1. 14 striking findings from 2014 (George Gao / Pew Research) 2. The year in media: 12 reasons why we should be optimistic (Mathew Ingram / GigaOm) 3. Cybersecurity hindsight and a look ahead at 2015 (Yoav Leitersdorf & Ofer Schreiber / TechCrunch) 4. The year […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Can Apple clear its name in the e-books drama? (Roger Parloff / Fortune) 2. Bookbaby discontinues free & standard e-book publishing package (Michael Koslowski / Good e-Reader) 3. Hachette takes bookselling to Twitter (Rich Bellis / Digital Book World) 4. 2 easy ways for authors to measure the impact of their social media use […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Apple, DoJ spar ahead of December e-book appeal (Andrew Albanese / Publishers Weekly) 2. Indie authors and the question of Kindle Unlimited (Hellen Barbara / JaneFriedman.com) 3. To gain the upper hand, Amazon disrupts itself (David Streitfeld / New York Times) 4. Five digital publishing questions for Rick Chapman (Digital Book World) 5. Wait! […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Obama on net neutrality: No blocking and other proposals (Lynn Sweet / Chicago Sun-Times) 2. The war of the words (Keith Gessen / Vanity Fair) 3. The 36 people who run Wikipedia (Stephen Lurie / Matter) 4. Editor’s note: Reader comments in the age of social media (Reuters) 5. Wearing your (startup) failures on […] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Our online learning community’s online learning failures (Joshua M. Kim / Inside Higher Ed) 2. Michigan State wants a big data professor on campus (D. Frank Smith / EdTech) 3. Social media gains momentum in online education (Jordan Friedman / US News & World Report) 4. What Georgia Tech’s online degree in computer science […] more »

by Kurt Abrahamson

With midterm elections around the corner, ShareThis has taken a deep dive into what people are sharing about; what are the important issues, who are the key politicians, and why should we care? Dubbed the “most boring and uncreative campaign in recent history” by New York Times columnist David Brooks, there does not seem to […] more »

by Sonia Paul

Twitter and Facebook have become default resources for journalists, newsrooms and ordinary citizens during news events, but where does Instagram fit into that picture? That was the question a team of researchers at CUNY’s Graduate Center asked while watching the protests in Ukraine unfold this past February. After months of analyzing more than 13,000 Instagram photos […] more »