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by Julie Keck

1. A website asks readers to finance independent journalists (Sydney Ember / New York Times) 2. Australia’s fevered streaming market isn’t waiting for Netflix (Andrew Wallenstein / Variety) 3. How ‘journalism crack’ conquered the Internet (Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke / New York Observer) 4. Why native advertising will work for social media but no one else (Om [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Instagram business lead Emily White to be named COO of Snapchat (Kara Swisher / AllThingsD) 2. Netflix breaks through in Producers Guild Award TV nominations (Cynthia Littleton / Variety) 3. Jay Rosen on NewsCo and “The View From Somewhere” (Conor Friedersdorf / The Atlantic) 4. Just 9% of consumers would pay to rent a [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Journalist Barrett Brown faces prison for posting hyperlink (Committee to Protect Journalists) 2. When print constrains digital (Nieman Lab) 3. New version of Apple TV likely on its way for a September 10 launch (GigaOm) 4. Ministry of Sound sues Spotify for copyright infringement (Guardian) 5. Pay-TV industry loses over 200k subscribers (LA Times) [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Manning to request a pardon from Obama for 35-year sentence handed down for WikiLeaks disclosures (Guardian) 2. Digital to account for 25% of total ad spend in 2013, according to eMarketer (The Drum) 3. CBS, Time Warner Cable reach truce over debates (Wall Street Journal) 4. NSA and Intelligence Community turn to Tumblr for [...] more »

by Julie Keck

1. Review of Google’s new Chromecast (AllThingsD) 2. Google flip-flops on network neutrality (Wired) 3. Facebook said to plan to sell TV-style ads for $2.5 million each (Bloomberg) 4. CBS experiments with streaming deals for serialized dramas (WSJ) 5. Study: People and brands are using Twitter like TV (Business Insider) 6. Confessions of a Google [...] more »

by Seth Shapiro

Note: This story has been corrected. See the bottom of the story for the correction. There’s been a media blitz over Netflix’s “House Of Cards,” and how revolutionary it is. “House Of Cards“ is the most interesting show of the year. But it’s not revolutionary. Let’s break it down. 1. Exploding Commercial TV? “House of Cards“ and Netflix [...] more »

by Eric Elia

Binge viewing may transform more than our personal grooming habits, as Fred and Carrie discovered in a “Portlandia” episode when they plowed through a few seasons of “Battlestar Galactica” without leaving the house. More than anything, the debut — all 13 episodes — of Netflix’s “House of Cards” raises questions about what the binge viewing [...] more »

by Chris Dorr

We have never really liked our local cable company. Over the years, many of us have wasted time waiting for the cable guy to show up to install or replace the box that doesn’t seem to work or been placed on eternal hold while customer service takes its sweet time. And to add insult to [...] more »

by Lily Leung

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Lily Leung 1. What Google could lose with the introduction of Apple Maps (Business Insider) 2. More than half of tablet users watch video on devices at least once a month (Multichannel News) 3. Twitter runs its first TV ad in Nascar race [...] more »

by Mark Glaser

The best stories across the web on media and technology, curated by Mark Glaser 1. Wattpad raises $17 million to become the YouTube of writing (GigaOm) 2. HBO says no, for now, to fans who want web-only option (NYT Media Decoder) 3. Startup Rebel Mouse wants to be the social web’s front page (Mashable) 4. Salon names Cindy Jeffers [...] more »